Utah GOP donor claims he's not anti-Semitic but only hates 'central banking secret society Jews'

A tech entrepreneur and major donor to the Utah Republican Party is now clarifying his position after he caused outrage earlier this month when he claimed "the Jews" were using COVID-19 vaccines to "euthanize the American people."

Jewish Telegraph Agency's Ron Kampeas flags a new Instagram story from disgraced former Entrata Chairman David Bateman in which he claims to have "great love for the Jewish people," despite the fact that days earlier he said they were part of a plot to commit mass murder.

Bateman then added that "my beef is with the Khabbalist (sic) central banking, secret society Jews, not the amazing, humble, and industrious Jewish people."

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He then added that he was just "sharing some theories" he has about certain Jewish people. He then acknowledge that "I could be wrong," before adding, "But I'm afraid I'm right."

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt was not impressed with Bateman's proclamations of love for non-"secret society Jews."

"Former tech-exec David Bateman appears to have learned nothing since being forced to resign from Entrata for sharing antisemitic conspiracy theories," he wrote on Twitter. "Here he goes again posting an anti-Jewish screed."