CBN host gives a tortured defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Holocaust remarks
Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian Broadcasting Network commentator David Brody, appearing on the far right streaming website Real America's Voice Monday tried to defend Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's remarks made on his show Thursday by falsely claiming the embattled Georgia Republican Congresswoman was referring to "pre-Holocaust" Germany when she talked about Jews being "taken into gas chambers."

Rep. Greene was comparing Speaker Pelosi's policies on masks with Hitler's genocide of millions of Jews and other minorities.

Her remarks sparked massive outrage, intensifying calls for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to remove her from Congress. McCarthy hasn't bothered to even acknowledge Greene's antisemitic remarks.

Monday afternoon Brody claimed that "an honest reading" of Greene's comments "shows that she was comparing the pre-Holocaust period in Nazi Germany to some aspects of America today, specifically, she was noting how history has shown us that certain countries and regimes have indeed separated people into second class citizens. In essence, she was saying that Jews were branded as second class citizens back then with a gold star, and today we were also seeing a branding and division of people between the vaccinated, and the unvaccinated – two classes of people. That was the point she made look she wasn't coming from a place of hate," Brody insisted.

He conveniently didn't bother to allow the audio to play when he showed video Monday of Congresswoman Greene, and he conveniently did not specifically quote her.

So we will.

"This woman is mentally ill," Greene began, apparently not "coming from a place of hate."

"You know," Greene continued, "we can look back in time in history where people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second-class sort of citizens, so much so that they were put on trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany and this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about."

(Video here.)

It's impossible for "an honest reading" to leave those remarks out, especially when she literally talks about "Nazi Germany" and putting Jews "on trains" and being "taken into gas chambers."

Brody's suggestion that the gold stars were only used in pre-Holocaust Germany is also false.

Below, video from Brody's show (relevant remarks start at 1:18 mark):