Georgia's David Perdue campaign is trying to erase his history of outsourcing American jobs: report

Writing for the Washington Post this Wednesday, Michael Kranish says that Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue once proudly boasted about his career outsourcing American jobs. But now that he's running for reelection, he's trying to shift the focus away from his past work as he allies himself with President Trump, who has slammed corporate executives who move jobs overseas.

"Perdue was a top executive at some of the country's best-known consumer brands, spending years in Hong Kong and Singapore, which he used as bases to travel across Asia to take advantage of the region's lower-cost workforces," Kranish writes. "He was senior vice president of Asia operations for Sara Lee, a conglomerate that owned clothing lines and wanted to expand production in China, and global vice president and later president of Reebok, which made most of its footwear overseas, including in China."

As Kranish points out, Perdue defended the practice of outsourcing in his first campaign. But in a new version of the same campaign ad he initially launched, references to his work in Asia were deleted, prompting his opponent, Democrat Jon Ossoff, to say that Perdue is trying to mislead voters.

When questioned about his record by the Washington Post, Perdue released a statement through his spokesperson that shifted the focus back on Ossoff.

"Throughout his four decades working in the real world before being elected to the Senate, Senator Perdue worked for American companies that saved and created tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs - and he has always been proud to talk about those achievements," the statement read.

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