The Ohio attorney general has a history of demanding children who have been raped to give birth
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Ohio Attorney General David Yost, a Republican, was issued a cease and desist letter after spreading lies about a doctor who helped a 10-year-old rape survivor who was impregnated.

Yost falsely said that the story was a lie. Once it was then proved to be true and the alleged rapist confessed, Yost then falsely said that the doctor didn't report the rape. In fact, the doctor reported the rape less than 48 hours later.

Reporter and women's rights expert Jessica Valenti pointed out that Yost has a history of this kind of behavior.

In 2019, Yost sought to ban an 11-year-old rape survivor from having access to an abortion as well.

"Sometimes, the evolution of the law requires bold steps," Yost said, in a statement to CBS News. "In the last 46 years, the practice of medicine has changed. Science has changed. Even the point of viability has changed. Only the law has lagged behind."

At the time, a police report for the 11-year-old cited a "pregnancy care center," which are often designed to talk women out of abortions. The police report quoted them blaming the 11-year-old rape survivor for the incident saying, she was "rebellious" and "refuses to listen to her mother."