Four drag racing DC cops taken to the hospital -- and two police cruisers totaled: report

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department is in another scandal after a costly mistake by police could've harmed members of the public.

"Two D.C. police cars were totaled after officers decided to drag race each other, according to an internal email obtained exclusively by FOX 5's Lindsay Watts. 'Yesterday two 6D scout cars were totaled because officers decided instead of fighting crime, patrolling their beats, or engaging the community – they decided to drag race each other on Anacostia Avenue at 5 pm in the evening,' reads the email from 6D Commander Durriyyah Habeebullah," the network reported Sunday evening.

"Sources tell FOX 5 the officers involved, who are new to the department, started racing each other on Anacostia Ave. NE near Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Garden and reports indicate they were traveling at least 60 mph," the network reported. "Habeebullah's email goes on to say that when she talked to Chief Contee about what happened, he told her about a citizen who witnessed an MPD van heading to a shooting scene Thursday traveling at least 90 mph."

The officers reportedly took out a fence.