Bystanders disarm drunk DEA agent after he pulls gun inside Montana bar: police
Man in handcuffs (Shutterstock)

The Bozeman Police Department arrested a Drug Enforcement Administration agent from Colorado after drunkenly threatening a Montana man with his government issued firearm.

Ryan Donahue, 32, was charged with felony assault with a weapon for an incident that happened as the Haufbrau was beginning to close early Monday morning.

"The victim and the group of people he was with began to leave the bar. The group was in the small, poster-covered breezeway of the Haufbrau when Donahue allegedly pulled his government-issued Glock 17 handgun out of the concealed carry holster and put it on or near the man's neck," the Bozeman Daily Chroniclereported.

Bail was set at $150,000.

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"Documents say bystanders then wrestled the gun away from Donahue. The victim told law enforcement that he was afraid he was going to get in trouble because Donahue is a federal officer. He said that when Donahue had pulled the gun, he had contemplated trying to disarm him but decided that he would 'sit here and take a bullet to my face' instead of trying to disarm a federal officer," the newspaper reported.

Bar owner Bill Frye, who has worked at his family establishment for over two decades, told Raw Story he thought it was "f*cked up the only person I ever had to disarm in the bar is a trained agent who should know better."

"Took that off the bucket list, never doing that again," he added.

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