Jacksonville pastor blasts anti-vaxxers for spreading lies that got several of his parishioners killed
Florida Pastor George Davis (CNN).

On Tuesday, CNN profiled George Davis, pastor of Impact Church in Jacksonville Florida, who has lost mulitple congregants to COVID-19 — and places the blame squarely on anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

"We had experienced six people last week within a ten-day stretch that passed away from COVID," said Davis in the interview. "Four were under the age of 35. Yesterday we had a seventh person who passed away. These are all people we care about dearly. One young man, I've known him since he was a toddler. A young man in the prime of his life who still had plans to be married and live out a full life."

Davis, who is vaccinated and urges people to take the pandemic seriously, angrily recounted the misinformation some of his congregants have parroted to him about COVID.

"When you get injected, the government is putting a tracking device inside of you and they're watching your every move," said Davis. "That people are dying in record numbers and it's not being reported. I learned somebody recently told me, there are as many people in the hospital in Jacksonville that are struggling in ICU units who are vaccinated as there are those unvaccinated."

"I don't believe doctors and science — no matter how much schooling they've gone to — I don't believe they can come up with cures and fixes for the body without a divine presence, God Almighty, giving them wisdom and insight to figure it out," he said, as a religious defense of science-based medicine.

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