Former GOP congressman says Democrats are delivering a ‘conservative’ argument ‘a real Republican would say’
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) (Screen cap).

Speaking to MSNBC after the first opener to the impeachment trial, former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman (VA) was asked if the Democrats were able to change any minds.

Reading some of the reactions from Republican senators denouncing the trial, host Chuck Todd asked if any of it made a difference.

"I heard some of this," Riggleman said about the comments from Senators. "I can't imagine after what we saw in the Capitol that we have gone to quibbling. We will quibble on this? We have something bigger happening here. We are talking about if our boots are shiny enough. That's ridiculous. Hear me out. I feel like it's almost like Jamie [Raskin] and Joe [Neguse] and the impeachment managers are making a case for conservatism."

He explained that they are the ones advocating for conserving the American republic.

They're the ones saying "conserve the institutions, really civilization," he continued. "We should conserve the constitutional law that we live under. We should conserve the peaceful transfer of power. I have never seen anything like it. This is what -- if you say you are a Republican, a constitutional Republican, conservative, the argument from Jamie, from Joe, the impeachment managers, all of that looks like to me like it's what a real Republican would say in protecting our institutions."

He went on to attack Republicans for fighting over the "constitutionality" of impeachment and that it should be moot because Trump was already impeached on Jan. 13 by Congress.

"I find it amazing you are looking at this evidence and you are absolutely somehow still quibbling about whether it's constitutional when he has been impeached," Riggleman said. "I will say this last thing: we had a minimum of seven white nationalist groups that were involved in this siege. Seven. A minimum. We put that report out. We have had this discussion before. That's why I'm appalled by this. It's amazing to see the arguments."

See his full comments below:

impeachment managers are making an argument for conservatives and the GOP doesn't even realize it