Don Lemon unleashes on 'weak' Democrats he wants to see attack Republicans for putting America in danger
CNN's Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Don Lemon appeared on "New Day" to promote his new book talking about race issues, but the conversation quickly turned to his frustration with Democrats for not being more strident in their opposition to the GOP.

It was a comment Lemon made on a podcast, but one John Berman questioned Friday morning.

"I believe our democracy," Lemon explained. "I don't believe — I know, our democracy is in trouble. The republic is in danger. I believe we're in danger right now. Voter suppression. People who are lying, bending reality to fit -- bending the truth to fit their own reality. We have people who think it's okay now to yell at lawmakers, congressmen through the doors, call them babies. We have people who believe in Jewish space lasers. We have people who are trying to basically, now, have minority rule in the country."

He went on to say that he's a registered Independent and doesn't ascribe to any party, but he believes that the democracy is in danger because of the GOP.

"In order to save this democracy, we need to stand up and be stronger," Lemon said. "They can no longer operate by the rules they did before. These are pre-Trump rules that they need to operate by, that they are operating on and they need to operate now in a for the rules that apply, a post-truth, post-fact world. That's what we live in, in order to save the democracy that we so love."

Lemon went on to say that he doesn't hear Democrats speaking out enough against the madness in Washington.

"We have people now — it is okay in this country now to be an indecent, immoral person. It is okay for adults to act like what we tell children not to do. It is okay to lie to journalists' faces and to the faces of the American people. To tell people one thing one day about an insurrection and another thing the next day about an insurrection," Lemon continued.

"Or say it just didn't happen," said Berman.

Lemon said that Democrats need to realize what is at stake and fight back.

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