There's a simple reason why Dems are struggling to sell their Build Back Better plan: op-ed

Writing in The Bulwark this Tuesday, former Republican National Committee spokesman Tim Miller contends that one of the biggest problems with the Democrats' $3.5 trillion "Build Back Better" plan is that not a lot of people know what's in it.

According to Miller, if you do know what's in the bill, you're "like the recherché and retired Batty the Bat beanie baby or the sweet Nikola Jokic double behind the back dribble TopShot NFT" -- in other words, you are extremely rare.

Miller cites a CBS News poll that found only 10 percent of the American public knew specifics about the plan. "And let me tell you a secret," Miller writes. "Even that number is wrong, because a bunch of those people were lying."

If folks actually knew any specifics from the plan, it was usually its $3.5 trillion price tag. However, when informed about aspects of the plan such as "paid family leave," support for the plan went up.

"But here's the thing: People don't just gain this knowledge via osmosis," Miller writes. "They have to be sold. And in order to sell them, it is helpful for them to exist—yet many of the elements of the BBB plan wouldn't go into effect before next year's midterms. And even when they would go into effect, you can't assume that humans would connect the existence of new benefits to Joe Biden and Democrats."

Read the full op-ed over at The Bulwark.