Video catches Covid-denier coughing on shoppers in Nebraska grocery store
Twitter/screen grab

A woman in Nebraska was caught on video coughing on shoppers and harassing them in a grocery store.

According to Twitter user @davenewworld_2, the incident occurred at a Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The video shows a woman laughing while she coughs on another woman who was shopping at the store.

"You guys are so cute," the woman tells the victim and her child.

"She's coughing on me," the victim can be heard explaining.

The coughing woman insists that she does not need to wear a mask because she's "not sick."

"I have allergies," the woman laughs. "Maybe I have a medical [issue]. I don't need to wear a mask."

The woman's harassment reportedly continued as the victim and her child shopped at the Super Saver. It's not clear why she was not banned from the store.

Watch the video below.