How much longer was it reasonable to kneel on George Floyd?: former Fed prosecutor asks Chauvin defenders

In a post to Twitter this Tuesday, CNN legal analyst and former federal and state prosecutor Elie Honig called on people to review the 9:29 video of Derek Chauvin putting his knee on George Floyd's neck and ask themselves, "Is this a reasonable use of force?"

"Do it again," he wrote. "Another minute of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd. Pause. 'Still reasonable?' Floyd says he can't breathe. Pause. 'Still reasonable?' Floyd goes silent. Hit pause. 'Still reasonable?' Floyd goes limp. 'Still reasonable?'"

Honig writes that once one is done viewing the entire video, they should ask "much longer could Chauvin have kept his knee on Floyd's neck and still been reasonable? Five more minutes? Twenty more minutes? Ever?"

See his entire Twitter thread here.