'Maxine Waters didn't kill a man -- Derek Chauvin did': Americans unleash on defense attorney complaints

Derek Chauvin's lawyer Eric Nelson tried everything he could to try and score a mistrial after the jury went away to deliberate on the case.

According to Nelson, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) saying that she thinks Chauvin is guilty is enough to lead to a mistrial. Waters said over the weekend when asked by a reporter that she hopes if Chauvin isn't guilty that activists will continue to fight for justice and stay in the streets.

The MAGA community has twisted Waters' words into being a direct invitation to attack the jury, which they weren't.

While Judge Peter Cahill confessed that he wished legislators would keep their mouths shut about judicial proceedings, he explained that multiple times, particularly in the final several days, he instructed the jury not to watch the news.

The claim that Waters's comments somehow justify a mistrial infuriated many who have been watching the trial.

See the frustration from viewers below: