‘They’re sending cops to prison!’ Minneapolis ex-officer flips out over ‘sacrificial lamb’ Chauvin conviction

Derek Chauvin was convicted this week of murdering George Floyd -- and at least one of his fellow former Minneapolis police officers believes it's a "tragedy" that he's going to jail.

In an interview with Insider, the unnamed former Minneapolis cop complained how unfair he believes it is that Chauvin is going to prison after he was caught on video kneeling on the back of Floyd's neck until Floyd stopped breathing.

He also said that political pressure from mass protests made it impossible for Chauvin to get a fair trial.

"[The jury] was under tremendous pressure to 'make it right' for George Floyd," he told Insider. "When they came back that quick, I knew he was screwed. I knew it. I've never seen, in all my years of work, a jury come back that quick on such serious charges. Never."

The former officer also described Chauvin as a "sacrificial lamb" and said that "the whole thing is a tragedy."

He also worried about the message that the Chauvin conviction would send to other police around the country.

"It's the new trend now," he said. "They're sending cops to prison."