GOP lawmakers' grandmother slams Trump for starting a 'riot' as her grandson is taken into custody
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A Republican member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, Derrick Evans, has been charged after he joined the mob of Trump supporters who stormed the U.S Capitol this Wednesday. According to reports, he has been charged with entering a restricted area.

Evans was seen on a Facebook Live video shouting "We're in! We're in baby!" while moving among a crowd of rioters as he walked through a doorway of the Capitol Rotunda.

Video of Evans being taken into custody surfaced on Twitter. At one point, his grandmother confronts the person recording the video, asking him not to film. She also expressed a less-than-favorable opinion about President Trump.

"Anything you want to say on [Evans'] behalf?" WSAZ reporter Chad Hedrick asks.

"He's a fine man," the woman says. "And thank you, Mr. Trump, for invoking a riot at the White House."