Trump keeps targeting DeSantis with insults — but still hasn't landed any knockouts
Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis (Trump photo via AFP, DeSantis photo via Shutterstock)

"Disloyal," "average," and "DeSanctimonious" are some of the jabs Donald Trump likes to throw at Florida's GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, but as Forbes' Nicholas points out, DeSantis has so far refused to respond in kind, even as the two are increasingly seen as potential opponents for 2024.

"The governor has repeatedly refused to utter Trump's name when asked to respond to the ex-president’s sharp criticism, telling reporters hours before Trump announced his presidential run on November 15 to 'check out the scoreboard' from the midterms— referring to his 19-point landslide victory in Florida while numerous Trump-backed candidates struggled in other contests," Reimann writes.

DeSantis has also written off the perceived feud as "noise." Earlier this month, he said people "just need to chill out" about their potential 2024 rivalry.

"Trump still holds a polling lead of about 21.5 percentage points over DeSantis heading into a possible 2024 matchup, according to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average, but the gap has narrowed significantly," writes Reimann. "Several polls earlier this year had Trump leading the Republican field by more than 40 points."

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