Ron Johnson lies about 'ever' wanting to cut Social Security as he dips in the polls
Fox News/screen grab

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) falsely suggested over the weekend that he has never proposed cutting Social Security.

"Probably the most outrageous lie they are telling now is I want to cut or end Social Security," Johnson told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Sunday. "I mean, just give that a second of thought. What elected official would ever want to cut Social Security? It is absurd on its face."

"I want to save Social Security," he added. "We need to stop all this deficit spending."

Johnson, however, did not explain why he recently proposed making Social Security subject to yearly cuts. And he did not address why he said on his campaign website that cutting Social Security may be necessary.

Johnson is on record referring to the popular program as a "Ponzi scheme." One local publication accused Johnson of a "crusade" against Social Security.

In recent weeks, Johnson has been slipping in the polls against Democratic challenger Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

Watch the video below.