Federal judge rules Devin Nunes' family must reveal mysterious funder of defamation suit
Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled that family members of GOP California Rep. Devin Nunes must disclose how they're paying for their defamation lawsuit against a journalist and news outlet, The Fresno Bee reports.

"Judge Mark Roberts of Iowa's Northern District Court wants to know whether the congressman is involved in the family's case, he wrote in his ruling," the Bee reports. "Nunes, R-Tulare, shares the same lawyer as the family in other lawsuits he has filed against media companies and people he claims have defamed or conspired against him since 2019.

Earlier this summer, Nunes' brother said he had "no idea" who was funding their lawsuit and that his family only paid one $500 fee.

"Anthony Nunes III's lack of knowledge about who is paying the attorneys prosecuting this action raises legitimate concern about not only who may be in charge of the lawsuit, but also whether Plaintiffs are the still the real parties in interest," Judge Mark Roberts of Iowa's Northern District Court wrote in his decision.

Nunes' family filed the lawsuit over a story published in Esquire that alleged the Nunes' farm, NuStar Farms, employed undocumented immigrants. They are seeking $20 million in damages.

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