Dem senator says he regularly talked with Milley during Trump's presidency -- and urged him to help 'avoid disaster'

In conversation with the Wall Street Journal this week, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that he was in contact with Gen. Mark Milley during the Trump years — and that he leaned on him to prevent the former president from ordering a military strike in a period of mental instability.

"For a period of years, I was in contact with him," said Durbin. "We have a good personal relationship. We were circumspect in the language, but many of us made it clear that we are counting on him to avoid the disaster, which could happen at any moment"

This comes after bombshell reporting that Milley feared Trump was in mental decline during his last months in office, and privately made arrangements with senior military officials not to allow the president to launch attacks, including nuclear strikes, without Milley's say-so that it was okay.