John Dean thinks Trump is the one who recorded Georgia's Raffensperger and released the tape
John Dean on CNN's "Tonight" with Don Lemon (screengrab)

Former White House counsel to Richard Nixon, John Dean, took to Twitter Sunday evening to speculate that the one behind the now-infamous extortion tape of Donald Trump may have been the president or one of his staff.

Dean noted that the audio of the recording made Trump sound the loudest and the clearest. That indicates that the person recording it is the clearer one. He also said that it sounds almost as if the others on the call are on a speakerphone, which would make sense if Trump or his staff was recording it near the president's phone.

If Trump was the one behind the call, it begs the question of whether other calls he makes are recorded. How many of them were recorded? With whom? And why they haven't been released by the president who pledged full transparency.

See Dean's full comments below: