Pro-Trump filmmaker comes forward with 'highly abusive messages' from Tucker Carlson's show
Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza revealed on Tuesday that he had received "highly abusive messages" from Tucker Carlson's staff at Fox News.

On his daily podcast, D'Souza noted that Carlson's producers had demanded that True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht not mention his election conspiracy theory film 2000 Mules when she made a recent appearance on the show.

D'Souza said that he objected because producers wanted to broadcast parts of his movie without identifying it.

"Justin Wells, who is the executive producer of Tucker Carlson, sent me a series of highly abusive messages, basically saying, 'Dinesh, you're finished. You're never going to come on Tucker again. We're done with you. We have the most powerful show in news. We're going to teach you a lesson.'"

"All kinds of abusive stuff," he recalled. "By the way, there's a trail of texts. I did not respond in kind. I responded respectfully."

D'Souza accused Fox News employees of "trying to strongarm people."

"And I have held my tongue for months about it," he remarked. "But I thought, you know what? Now that the movie is out. It's a case where we don't need them. They haven't helped us one bit. And so, let's point out what bullies these people are."

D'Souza said that he suspected Carlson was behind the abusive messages.

"I don't think he would have done it without Tucker's OK," he concluded. "This kind of abusive strongarming conduct is inexcusable."

Watch the video below.

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