Kimmel brings doctors and nurses together for hilarious PSA dispelling stupid vaccine lies from Facebook
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: Screen capture)

Jimmy Kimmel brought together doctors and nurses to compare their expertise to that of people who post photos of their dollhouses on Facebook trying to pretend they're somehow COVID vaccine experts.

Walking through their expertise, the doctors explained how many years they had to go to school and then how many years they had to do a residency before they were allowed to work as doctors. A doctor appeared in a hospital room recalling a time when she had to crack the chest of someone and manually beat their heart for them with her own hands. In one case, an emergency doctor who said he'd delivered several babies in cars, noted that he likely won't pay off all of his student loans until he's retired.

Kimmel explained that there are a lot of celebrities and politicians telling people to get the vaccine, but the people we should really listen to are the experts.

"Did you know that eating raw ginger cures cancer?" one critical care nurse asked. "You didn't? Good, because it doesn't."

"Do you know how many people have shown me weird things on their skin at parties and asked me if they're dying?" the nurse then said.

"Too many," another doctor agrees.

"My life is spent trying to improve and save yours," the ER doctor explained.

"Oh, but you read something on Facebook?" another asks.

"Your friend from high school who sells jewelry — she posted it?" asked a 16-year nurse.

"The one who's 53 and still builds dollhouses?" the critical care nurse asked.

"Is he a doctor? No? A scientist? No?"

The group then ask questions about whether the random poster on social media knows where certain body parts are or what is even in the vaccine. The ultimate message is to get vaccinated and stop listening to idiots.

See the video below: