DOJ's new steps against Trump prove they 'want to be seen' taking action: Chris Wallace
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On CNN Tuesday, analyst Chris Wallace broke down the significance of the new report showing the Justice Department is investigating former President Donald Trump's actions directly in the probe into efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

One of the most important takeaways, Wallace said, is that Attorney General Merrick Garland — or someone under him — is feeling the pressure from legal commentators and the public to bring charges against the former president, and wants people to know they aren't ignoring the situation.

"The prosecutors in this case focusing on the former president's pressure campaign — Garland sort of made a nod to that as well today," said anchor Anderson Cooper.

"It seems to me, Anderson, that one, and most importantly, that the Justice Department seems to be on the case, but secondly, they want to be seen as being on the case," said Wallace. "They seem to to be lagging behind the January 6th committee and the case with Georgia and interference in the election there. On Monday, we found out they had a grand jury and we heard testimony from two top aides to Mike Pence, you had the attorney general agreeing to do the interview today and twice in the interview he said 'we're moving urgently.'"

The new report, argued Wallace, is full of further clues that the DOJ wants its work investigating Trump to be known more prominently.

"One other thing in the story in The Washington Post that is breaking tonight, is that it specifically says that they seized the records of Mark Meadows and other people and specifically said they did it in April, months before the January 6th Committee," said Wallace. "So clearly somebody in Justice, from Merrick Garland on down, is trying to say, we are hot on this case, don't think that we're lagging behind."

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Chris Wallace says new DOJ revelations prove they want to be "seen" acting on Trump