Republican Don Bolduc triples down on false claims of litter boxes in schools — but won't go to verify it
Don Bolduc

New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc is finishing the 2022 midterm campaign by tripling down on his false conspiracy that students at Pinkerton Academy are using litter boxes because they identify as cats.

In an interview with I Heart Radio, Bolduc said that the school is allowing students to be animals, which has been called false by the Pinkerton Academy. Bolduc hasn't seen it with his own eyes, it's merely something he "heard" was happening, but has told the world about. When the school asked him to come to the school to see for himself, Bolduc refused.

With a dog barking in the background, Bolduc said that he was "told about this on the campaign trail by a number of people that go to Pinkerton and I was just repeating it."

He went on to say that while they don't teach CRT in the state's schools, they still passed a law against it. And while they don't teach children how to be transgender, he claimed that teachers are still doing it.

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"So, let's look into it," he said implying that there should be an investigation into the conspiracy.

In the debate with Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) unfolded on Wednesday where Bolduc did not bring up the issue.

"It has come to our attention that at a recent event in Claremont Don Bolduc named Pinkerton in false claims suggesting that unhygienic, disturbing practices are taking place in our classrooms and spaces on campus," the school said in a statement Monday. "We want to assure our community that Mr. Bolduc's statements are entirely untrue."

The school went on to invite candidates to the school "so they can inform themselves about our school before making claims about what occurs here."

As the interview continued, Bolduc pivoted to attack teachers and teachers' unions for supporting Sen. Hassan, saying that she doesn't support the students and parents if she's supporting teachers.

It's unclear if Bolduc intends to do that before the election on Tuesday.

Joe Rogan is the origin story of the lie. On his show Thursday, Rogan admitted that he made the whole thing up.

Listen to the full interview at I Heart Radio.