Trump could run for president from prison -- and then pardon himself if he won: law professor
Gage Skidmore.

Donald Trump's chaotic time as a politician could get even weirder, according to a 2024 analysis by a top legal expert.

The host of "The Mehdi Hasan Show" interviewed law professor Jennifer Taub, the author of the new book BIG DIRTY MONEY.

Hasan noted Trump is being investigated by the New York attorney general and Manhattan district attorney.

"Do you think this country will ever put a former president behind bars in this country, if not inciting an insurrection or interfering in an election in Georgia, then for financial crimes and tax dodging, Al Capone style," Hasan said.

Taub said she thought it was more likely Trump would be indicted in Georgia than in New York.

The legal scholar then offered any intriguing scenario.

"The problem is, as you know, as you probably know, there's no prohibition on running for president, even if you are in jail and that would give Trump even more fire in his belly to win," she said.

"And so, then he could just pardon himself and unlock the door to the prison," Taub said.

Watch the video below.