Seth Meyers details the work done to clean the White House post-Trump: 'Getting ketchup off the Constitution'
Photo: Screen capture

Thousands had to be spent to clean the White House after President Donald Trump and his family stayed in the residence for four years. While reports maintained that the fumigation was due to the coronavirus pandemic and a need to ensure sanitation, "Late Night" host Seth Meyers thinks something else was afoot.

"Scrubbing out Diet Coke rings, pulling loose hair out of the drain, trying to get ketchup off the Constitution," he said, detailing the work that had to be done. "I know they're saying that this is because of COVID but even without the pandemic if I were moving in after Trump anywhere I'd want the place fumigated. The guy was glued to his TV, barely left his bedroom, and only ate fast food. That place probably looks like a locker on 'Storage Wars.' Or a studio apartment in a rent-controlled building after the tenant, who lived there for 80 years dies. There's just piles of old newspapers, loose change and a collection of weird ceramic pigs."

See Meyers video below:

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