Trump's 'wriggling out of accountability' superpower is failing him: analysis
Gage Skidmore.

Real estate heir Donald Trump's consequences-free lifestyle could be coming to an end as the former president continues to have his arguments rejected in court, according to a new analysis.

CNN's Stephen Collinson noted on Friday a judge ruling Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump, Jr. must testify before New York Attorney General Letitia James "was far from Trump’s only recent rough day in court."

"He might say he’s the master of the art of the deal. But Donald Trump’s real superpower is his talent for wriggling out of accountability after sailing close to the law and normal rules of politics, business and life in a way that would have destroyed most public figures long ago," he wrote. "However, after he bounced back following a lifetime of business bankruptcies, scandals and impeachments, it might soon be time to consider whether the ex-President’s flair for impunity is starting to fail him after a string of legal defeats tightened a net of scrutiny around him."

Although Trump was impeached twice and had his "university" and nonprofit shut down for fraud, he has yet to be found personally guilty of breaking criminal laws.

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"Behind the scenes in Republican politics, the rising tides of scandal could crest into conversations about whether Trump is the ideal standard-bearer for the party going forward – at least when it comes to a critical general election audience in the vote-rich moderate suburbs," he explained. "Still, there is a lot that can be fixed by the $122 million political war chest the former President has already amassed. And Trump would have to be grievously wounded politically and legally for a major Republican rising star to openly take him on in the 2024 primary. The ex-President will also profit from the conservative media’s power to shape the perceptions of GOP base voters and to spread misinformation about the legal cases pending against him."

Collinson concluded that "a cascade of troublesome legal woes could soon begin to raise questions about his famed political impunity."

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