angry trump
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Donald Trump promised not to use the power of the presidency to punish critics if re-elected – even though he believes he is "entitled to a revenge tour."

During an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show on Thursday, Trump complained that journalists should be stripped of awards because he felt their coverage of the Russia investigation was unfair.

"They did get it wrong," Hewitt said. "But my question is, if you're back in the Oval, will you use the powers of the presidency to punish people who punished you?"

"No, I wouldn't do that," Trump vowed. "Because I want to bring our country forward. No, I wouldn't do that."

"I would be entitled to a revenge tour if you want to know the truth," he added. "But I wouldn't do that."

Trump promised to focus on the border and economy instead.

Following his presidency, CNN gathered Trump's "10 worst abuses of power." Trump was known to have abused his presidential power by politicizing the Justice Department and weaponizing the bully pulpit.

Listen to the audio clip below from The Hugh Hewitt Show.