'Donald Trump finally made a concession speech': MSNBC host says of latest Fox News interview
Donald Trump via AFP

At the hand-off between MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, the latter explained there was very serious breaking news: former President Donald Trump finally conceded the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

While it's been eight months since the election, Trump has never been willing to admit that he lost. Wednesday night, however, June 16, 2021, Trump finally admitted it's over and that he wishes Joe Biden a successful presidency.

"And this is big," O'Donnell prefaced. "Donald Trump finally conceded tonight, he delivered the concession speech. He did. Yes. Not making this up. To Sean Hannity on that hour. Here's how it went. It's not the traditional form. First of all, Sean Hannity said to him, more than once, began questions with, 'if you were still president.' And Donald Trump did not correct him. Donald Trump went on and said words. I'm not going to say he answered the question, but he said words after the question mark. More than once: 'If you were still president.' And then towards the end of the discussion, Donald Trump actually said this about Joe Biden. 'I want him to do well.' Now that is — that's in every concession speech. 'I want him to do well.' I mean, that's it. That — there it is. The concession speech."

Another video of Trump shows him saying, "we didn't win but let's see what happens on that."

Among the other things Trump talked about, he sang the praises of the vaccine and of birds, which he said are being killed by windmills. Windmills, as you might recall, Trump said cause ear cancer.

See the videos below:

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