MAry Trump and donald trump

Speaking to MSNBC on Sunday, Dr. Mary Trump said that she thinks her uncle should be forced to testify before the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"He's a private American citizen," Dr. Trump explained. "He needs to answer to his alleged crimes. He needs to explain his participation in the incredibly serious events. There was an armed insurrection on Jan. 6 in this country, and we need to know what role he played. he needs to be held accountable if they indeed find that he was complicit in any way. And we also need to know what his response will be. Is he going to plead the fifth? Is he going to show up? Is he not going to show up and be held in contempt? Last I checked, Donald believes that people who plead the Fifth are guilty. It would be very, very good to know how he responds and what that response says about what kind of trouble he thinks he's in."

The comment comes just as Trump pal Roger Stone testified to the committee refusing to answer any questions because it would violate his Fifth Amendment rights.

She explained that the war over President Donald Trump's taxes has come too late and that he's getting away with any accountability for dodging paying his taxes over the past five decades.

"This one repellent person has been able to get away with his many alleged financial crimes, his crimes against women, and now his crimes against our country because he's either run out the clock or he's been able to outspend his opponents," said Dr. Trump. "And it puts us in an extraordinarily precarious position."

This is part of what Trump does, she explained.

"He never wants the truth about his finances or his business dealings to come out," she said. "What's kind of troubling, though, is that it's not as if we don't know. It's not as if we don't have information."

She cited the 2018 New York Times report that revealed Trump's financial dealings and the alleged tax fraud at the Trump Organization.

"So, this isn't new territory," Dr. Trump continued. "It's not as if the tax returns are going to uncover anything that hasn't already seen the light of day, and yet it's still vitally important, of course, that Congress has the opportunity to go through them even more carefully. But, again, it's not as if anything in those documents will be surprising. They will only reinforce things we already know."

She went on to say that what Trump has been able to get away with is the perfect example of how officials are able to get away with corruption because the oversight isn't strong enough.

"I mean, the emoluments clause exists for a reason, right?" Dr. Trump continued. "The Hatch Act exists for a reason, and yet time and time again, we see these things being violated and there being no consequences. So, just in the context of what we're talking about right now, think about how many times there have been opportunities to stop or at least derail Donald because he has so blatant blatantly broken a law."

She also said that many people have been "complicit" in enabling her uncle and that if the system can't work quicker, then it might be broken.

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Donald Trump thinks people who plead the Fifth Amendment are guilty