Progressive group celebrates Father's Day by calling out Fred Trump's greatest failure: Donald
Successful real estate developer Fred Trump and his son, Donald (screengrab)

The progressive group Meidas Touch posted a Father's Day video attacking former President Donald Trump where it hurts, his desperate need for his father's love.

Trump's brother, Fred's namesake, fell out of favor with their father after entering the military and becoming a pilot. Donald Trump ultimately became his father's business heir being handed $10 million for his first investment, millions to bail him out of business flops, and millions more after his father passed away. It's unknown exactly how much money the former president was given but over the years he's certainly lost all of it.

Forbes reported in Oct. 2020 that Trump is over $1 billion in debt with businesses like Trump steaks, Trump airlines, Trump University, Trump casinos, Trump's "purest natural spring waters bottled in the world," Trump: The Game, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage and more, Rolling Stone wrote of his failed ventures.

Donald Trump celebrated Father's Day by attacking his foes and wishing a happy Father's Day to "losers."

See the video below: