Daniel Goldman breaks down the impeachment detail 'clearly resonating' with GOP senators

Attorney Daniel Goldman, who was the lead counsel for House Democrats during Donald Trump's first impeachment trial, broke down a key detail of the second impeachment trial during the a Friday appearance on MSNBC.

"The last thing I'll say, it's very clear from Sen. [Bill] Cassidy's question that this new information that has come to light about Sen. Tommy Tuberville saying that he told Donald Trump that Vice President Pence was being evacuated around 2:15, and then at 2:24, Trump releases a real shot at Mike Pence has affected some of these senators," Goldman explained.

"And that is a real issue for many on the Republican side knowing that Mike Pence stood by Donald Trump through thick and thin, and when he was actually in physical danger, Donald Trump didn't call in reinforcements to protect him, but rather tried to inflame the mob against Mike Pence even more," he continued. "That is clearly resonating with many of them."


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