Madeleine Dean uses Trump's own words -- and his tweets -- against him at impeachment trial

Attorney and longtime English professor Madeleine Dean on Wednesday broke down five aspects of how she says Donald Trump attempted to stay in office despite losing the 2020 presidential campaign.

Rep. Dean began by explaining how Trump ignored over sixty adverse court rulings as he attempted to overturn the will of the voters in multiple states.

Dean put up a graphic illustrating the extent of lawsuits that were lost by Trump and his supporters.

Graphic presented by Rep. Madeleine Dean.Screengrab.

Dean went on to show how Trump had pressured and threatened local election officials in his bid to overturn the election. To make her case, Dean presented Trump's own tweets as evidence.

Graphic presented by Rep. Madeleine Dean.Screengrab.

She went on the document his attacks on senators and members of Congress.

Trump's efforts to pressure the Justice Department were the fourth argument in her presentation, followed by the attacks on then-Vice President Mike Pence.