Republican worries about GOP ‘crazy people’: Trump has 'made them think this is the Alamo’
Composite image of Donald Trump (screengrab) and the Alamo Chapel (national archives).

Even Republicans are fearing Donald Trump supporters following the dangerous insurrection at the U.S. Capitol when rioters chanted, "Hang Mike Pence!"

"There is particular fear among Republicans in Trump-heavy districts who voted against the GOP's doomed bid to overturn the election results," Politico reported Monday. "Many came home last week to find constituents — preachers, school superintendents, churchgoing men and women — cheering on the effort rather than condemning it, according to multiple GOP lawmakers."

While Republicans have stoked fears about Antifa activists on the left, one GOP lawmaker explained why Republican extremists are more dangerous.

"Both parties have extremists," said the lawmaker. "There's a difference in our crazy people and their crazy people. Our crazy people have an excessive amount of arms. They have gun safes. They have grenades. They believe in the Second Amendment. They come here and Trump's made them think this is the Alamo."