Donald Trump is still livid Bob Woodward was ‘allowed’ to write book published months ago

Donald Trump on Friday questioned whether Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Bob Woodward was "allowed" to publish books about him.

Woodward was not granted his interview requests for his 2018 book Fear: Inside the White House. Trump then agreed to 18 interviews for his 2020 book, Rage. The final book in his trilogy, Peril, was published on Sept. 21 and co-written with Robert Costa.

"Does anybody really believe that longtime Con Man Bob Woodward, and his lightweight lapdog assistant Robert Costa, are implying in their book of fiction that I was planning to go to war with China, but that one of the dumber generals in the military called the Chinese to tell them that he will inform them if this action proceeds further. Milley may have called, but if so, he should be tried for treason. I never had even a thought of going to war with China, other than the war I was winning, which was on TRADE," Trump argued in a statement.

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"To make up stories like this and to sell it to the public is disgraceful. I watched that craggy smug face of Woodward as he 'bullsh*ts' the public and said to myself, 'I wonder if history will really believe this stuff?' How do you get your reputation back?" Trump wondered. "I was the only President in decades to not get us into a war—I got us out of wars!"

"Our Country has been taken over by Scammers and Hoaxsters, and we have to take it back. Just like the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam has now been totally debunked and discredited as a FAKE Democrat/Crooked Hillary Plot, the 'go to war with China' story is even more ridiculous. It's incredible that someone is even allowed to write this stuff," Trump said ominously. "We no longer talk about greatness for our Country, everything is about political investigations, hoaxes, and scams."