jerry springer show

The irate guests pulling hair, throwing punches and curses on Jerry Springer's show was a staple of the 1990s. But according to the notorious host, that's the kind of person that former President Donald Trump is.

Speaking to Dean Obeidallah for his show this week the former television host explained that Trump is remarkably similar to those who joined his daily shows to air grievances with family or friends who stole girlfriends, boyfriends or husbands. The difference between those guests and Trump is that his guests were smart enough to know that they shouldn't run for president.

"Do you see a connection, do you see a line between the success of The Jerry Springer Show...and the way people look at TV, and what people let people get away with," asked Obeidallah when speaking to the TV host. "Do you think it contributed to people accepting someone like Donald Trump?"

"Probably social media more, but yes, there's no question," Springer agreed. "The behavior of some of the people on the show is exactly Donald Trump. The point is, the reason there's more respect given to the people, who were on my show, is they have enough sense not to run for president."

As Springer said, his guests "don't speak the Queen's English, they don't have money, they don't live in palaces, they aren't rich and famous. But they have feelings like everybody else and when they get angry, they probably curse and they yell and sometimes fight cause they don't have the skills to settle things in different ways—that's Trump."

Springer is known for insulting the ex-president recalled Newsweek. The host once said Trump "took my show and brought it to the White House."