WATCH: The Daily Show takes on Donald Trump Jr's 'mystifying lack of self-awareness'

The Daily Show on Thursday examined the disconnect from reality in recent comments by Donald Trump's eldest son.

The comedy show's skit was titled, "Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition" and featured multiple clips of Donald Trump, Jr.

"In recent weeks, Donald Trump, Jr., the oldest, least Eric-y son of Donald Trump, has been complaining that a politician has not been punished for his alleged sex crimes," a man in a trench coat noted. "It raises an uncomfortable question: Does Don, Jr. know who his father is? Seriously."

"You might imagine that Donald Trump, Jr. definitely knows who is dad is. The man says the words 'my father' more than the Pope," he explained. "And yet, in recent years a mysterious thing happened, Don, Jr. started talking like a man who had no damn idea Donald Trump was his daddy."

More tape was played of the former president's son.

"Does Don, Jr. think that he got that job at the Trump Organization because he wrote a good cover letter? Does Donald Trump, Jr. not know what the word 'junior' means?"

"What explains this mystifying lack of self-awareness?" the host asked. "Is it possible that the unthinkable is true, that Don, Jr. doesn't know that Donald Trump is his father?"

"Investigators have combed through days of footage of Don, Jr. and Donald together, but have not found a single hug or even an affectionate hug between the two.