'Hasn't the Trump family had enough riots?' Acosta lambasts Donald Jr. for his hope of an uprising

Donald Trump Jr. demanded a "riot" because of COVID-19 in the United States, referencing the protests in other countries where, like in the United States, people are buying into conspiracy theories.

According to Trump, "they" don't want people to hear about the protests because it might give people ideas. It assumes Americans haven't already been protesting for the past year over everything from CRT to masks and Trump's 2020 election loss.

"I'm trying to figure this out," Acosta said after showing the video. "Don Jr. is upset that there aren't riots here in the United States over COVID vaccines? Hasn't the Trump family had enough riots at this point?"

"Uh, apparently not, not for their taste," said CNN analyst John Avlon. "Speaking of Alex Jones' level energy, Donald Trump Jr. seems certainly amped up about his latest conspiracy theory. And the invoking of sheeple is when you know it's all gone really, really well. This has nothing to do with freedom. This conflation with public health with propaganda is a source of the lot of the sickness in our country, not just the persistence of the virus but the disinformation that gets fueled by people like Donald Trump Jr., who should probably find a real job at this point."

Avlon, Acosta and PBS's Margaret Hoover went on to talk about the latest GOP pearl-clutching over Kamala Harris' shopping trip at a Parisian cooking store. Avlon laughed, noting that they support a president who has an apartment like an Austin Powers villain.

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