Trump claims to know more about war than 'dope' Gen. Milley: 'I understand this stuff better than anybody'
Donald Trump answers questions for reporters/Screenshot

Former President Donald Trump said this week that the man who he appointed as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a "dope."

During an interview on Glenn Beck's radio show, Trump responded to reports that Milley had assured China that he would give an advanced warning if the then-president tried to start a nuclear war.

"So I learned early on that he was a dope," Trump said, recalling the Milley had apologized for participating in a 2020 political photo-op outside the White House.

Trump also complained that Milley had not wanted to retrieve "every nail" from Afghanistan before completing the withdrawal.

"He said, 'Sir, it's cheaper to leave it than it is to bring it,'" Trump remarked. "I'm a construction guy so I understand this stuff better than anybody."

"I said, 'I've got to tell you, you've got to be nuts,'" he added. "It was amazing."

Watch the video below from The Blaze.