Mary Trump: The Secret Service 'knew' about Jan. 6 and Uncle Donald is a 'mass murderer'
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

Psychologist and podcaster Mary Trump, who is former President Donald Trump's niece, blasted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Secret Service on Saturday's edition of The Mary Trump Show over the revelations that the agencies were aware of the threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) [as well as then-Vice President Mike Pence] in advance of the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection. The House Select Committee investigating the attack broke that news during its public hearing last week.

"People continue to pretend that [President] Joe Biden just waltzed into office as if everything was just fine. And he’s being measured against this completely irrelevant standard. Like, this is not normal. None of it’s normal. And he had so much on his plate to deal with because of the last administration. And and, you know, he had to like, dig us out of like, the Marianas Trench," Trump said. "So now we’re finding out that, as we learned last week from the January 6th [Committee], the FBI and the Secret Service knew. They knew! What was heading our way. Maybe not down to the last detail, maybe not to the exact size of the crowd, but they knew that there were threats against Nancy Pelosi. They didn’t act on that until after the insurrection had already started. They knew that people were coming. They did nothing. In fact, they stood down! Right?"

Later in the episode, in which she was joined by Law Professor Jennifer Taub of Western New England University and Brian Karem, the White House correspondent for Playboy and a CNN political analyst, Trump expressed exasperation that her uncle has never been held accountable for making the COVID-19 pandemic worse.

"The Trump, the soon-to-be deceased Trump Organization charged the Secret Service like five times the government limit to stay at his sh*tty hotels, we’re learning. We’ve learned that – and this, this to me. I will never cease to understand why this wasn’t made a bigger deal – that he politicized it, not just politicized the CDC. I mean, that happened eventually. But before he got that far, he essentially hamstrung the CDC and prevented it prevented them from doing what it was designed to do, which was to protect the American people from things like COVID-19, which resulted in the unnecessary deaths, and therefore purposeful deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. That alone – that alone should have landed this, the former, whatever the f*ck we want to call him, the mass murderer criminal Donald Trump — in prison," Trump lamented.

"And yet I don’t I don’t see anything being made of that. So. Well, like in the backgr – hang on a sec – and then, Brian, go take it wherever you want to go. But it’s like, that’s, that should be the context in which everything else is discussed," added Trump. "And yet it’s literally the f*cking horse race again."