'Exhausting, stingy, and cruel': Waitress details the misery of serving Trump officials
Stephen Miller appears on CBS (screen grab)

A waitress who works in Washington D.C. has written a harrowing account of just how miserable it was serving White House officials who worked for former President Donald Trump.

In a lengthy piece written for Slate, Moe Tkacik reveals that Trump aide Stephen Miller made her utterly miserable during their first encounter at her dining establishment by grilling her for in-depth details about the origins of the caviar he was ordering.

She then explains that Miller was not the only Trump official who made her job hell, as she quickly learned to distinguish between Trump officials and standard Republican customers who had been regulars before the 2016 election.

"The Republicans who followed 45 to town were exhausting, impossible, often stingy, and -- because the restaurant was never busy enough anymore to soothe the sting of a bad table with a full section -- memorable," she writes.

Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, for example, would always order the cheapest wine by the glass and "didn't tip more than 14 percent, no matter how often you topped him off without charging."

Steve Mnuchin's wife, meanwhile, "had so many dietary restrictions the whole meal was just awkward," and she never returned to the restaurant.

"But now that they're gone, good God it must be said: They really were the scum of the earth, and while some of them, I'm sure, are good people, I'll be plenty happy with merely a $1,400 check if I never have to see another one of them in my section again," she concludes.