'Please Seek Shelter or Safe Haven!': Iowa tornado watch prompts Trump to 'delay or cancel' rally
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Just hours before Donald Trump's planned rally in Iowa, the former president has announced he will "delay or cancel" the event due to a tornado watch in the local area.

"Tornado watch in Iowa," Trump wrote on Truth Social, his own social network launched after he was banned from most other platforms. "For safety of our great Patriots, we have been asked to delay or cancel todays[sic] sold out Rally."

Trump claims that he is "ready to go," but advises his supporters to "seek shelter or safe haven!"

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"I am near the Palm Beach Airport, ready to go, but we are on hold because of the very bad weather in Iowa," he wrote Saturday. "Please Seek Shelter or Safe Haven!"

In a follow-up post on Truth Social, Trump said, "Unfortunately, due to the Tornado Warnings in Des Moines, we are forced to cancel today's outdoor Rally at the Lauridsen Amphitheater.

"Stay tuned, we will reschedule soon," he added. "Be safe out there!" He included a screen grab purporting to show details of a tornado watch update.