‘We are scared’: Dr. Oz slams his Black Republican opponent for proposing a statue of Barack Obama
Dr. Oz, heart surgeon & television personality speaks, at the Web Summit, Lisbon. (Shutterstock.com)

During an appearance on Fox Business, Dr. Mehmet Oz was asked about his Pennsylvania GOP primary race opponent's recent rise in the polls. According to Oz, he and his campaign have learned a lot about Kathy Barnett in the last few days, and he's "scared."

"Everybody is worried, concerned, as Republicans," Oz said. 'She attacked George Washington, founder of the country. She, at the same time, wanted to build a statue to Barack Obama. She's been saying stuff that's just nonsensical ... she's said things that are going to make her very difficult to elect in a general election."

Oz, who won Trump's endorsement to be the GOP's nominee, is locked in a tight battle with rivals Barnette and David McCormick to be the Keystone State's next potential senator.

Barnett, who has been described as an "ultra-MAGA" candidate, has recently surged in the polls, which has led to Trump allies scrambling to stop her.

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