Dr. Oz gets confused during the GOP senate primary about whether he and Trump talked about the 2020 election
Dr. Oz, heart surgeon & television personality speaks, at the Web Summit, Lisbon. (Shutterstock.com)

Celebrity physician turned Pennsylvania politician Mehmet Oz faced off against his GOP opponents in the first debate Monday evening. The state's primary election is on May 17, but support numbers at just 18 percent, former President Donald Trump endorsed him because he had a good television audience, which Trump believed would translate into votes.

There were several questions that may have come as shockers to the viewers as the Republicans debated the 2020 election and the so-called "big lie." When Oz was asked whether it was time to move on two years after the 2020 election, the physician said "no."

"I have discussed [it] with President Trump and we cannot move on," he explained. "We have to be serious about what happened in 2020."

He then went on about looking "under the hood" of the 2020 election. It's unclear if Oz has examined the lawsuits and audits that were done all over the country. Though he's unlikely to depart from Trump's position after the endorsement.

It was one of the more shocking claims, according to NBC10 reporter Lauren Mayk, who noted that just last week Oz was saying something different. Back then, he told the press that he and Trump never talked about the election in their call. Instead, Oz said that they discussed COVID and energy policy.

Oz also lashed out at one of his opponents for claiming that the "Hollywood doctor" was a fake Republican. Dr. Oz explained that Trump saw right through it and endorsed Oz's bid anyway.

Despite his medical degree, Oz made it clear that he believes in "biological males"

See some of the video clips below:

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