'That's the law': CNN host schools GOP lawmaker during debt ceiling grilling
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A tense CNN interview saw Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) cornered by anchor Jim Sciutto Wednesday as the Republican repeatedly dodged questions about what he would be willing to cut in debt ceiling negotiations.

"On the budget demands of your party here, what specific programs are you putting on the table to cut?" asked Sciutto.

"That's not how a negotiation works," said Johnson. "The law says that the president needs to step forward with a budget first."

"But as you know, the debt ceiling relates to budgets already passed by Congresses, including with Republican votes," said Sciutto. "A negotiation, as you know, if you want to call it that, involves two sides presenting their positions. Can you name a single program that Republicans would be willing to cut money from to make a deal?

"I'm not putting all onus on Republicans. That's the law. The law puts onus on Congress and the nation to pay its bills. ...Is there a program that you can name that you personally would be willing to see money cut from?"

"I'm not going to negotiate against the Republican Party on CNN," Johnson insisted. "We're asking for President Biden to be responsible, sensible, and reasonable and be willing to come to the table and negotiate."

"Our Manu Raju is reporting that defense budget cuts are also on the table," said Sciutto. "Can you name a defense weapons system or program that you'd be willing to cut money from?"

Johnson responded: "I get what your goal is today, your goal is to get Republicans to negotiate against themselves."

"I'm asking the question because you represent the Republican Party," said Sciutto. "I've asked equal questions of Democratic lawmakers on this broadcast, which you are welcome to watch."

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'That's the law': CNN anchor puts GOP lawmaker on the spot over false claims www.youtube.com