Trump lawyer denies he took the Fifth during defamation lawsuit questioning — and praises ‘MAGA King’
Donald Trump (AFP)

An attorney representing Donald Trump in a defamation lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll claims that he did not invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during a deposition.

"Former president Donald Trump was questioned under oath Wednesday in Florida by attorneys for an author who in 2019 went public with an accusation that he raped her in a department-store dressing room in the mid-1990s," The Washington Post reported. "When Carroll went public with the sexual assault allegation, Trump, then in office, called Carroll a liar and suggested he would not have been interested in her sexually because she wasn’t his 'type.'"

Bloomberg News legal reporter Erik Larson reported, "Trump answered all questions asked by Carroll’s lawyers and did not plead the 5th, his lawyer Alina Habba confirms."

Habba, a former general counsel for a parking garage company, reportedly said it was a "witch hunt."

On Trump's Truth Social website, she posted a photo of the two giving thumbs-up gestures.

She added the hashtag, "MAGA King."