'Some kind of a plant': Disgraced ex-Fox News anchor hurls conspiracy theory at John Durham
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Two disgraced conservative anchors complained on Thursday that special counsel John Durham might be "some kind of a plant" and "another sinister crafty plot by the Democrats."

After Durham's latest failure to prove wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia probe, Real America's Voice hosts Ed Henry and Karyn Turk lashed out at the special counsel.

"[The mainstream media] have been cheering the fact that John Durham keeps failing because they were always standing up for the deep state, you know, the Hillary characters who have all been acquitted in this investigation," host Ed Henry complained on Thursday. "And you've got to raise the question, was John Durham some kind of a plant?"

"One person after another has been let off the hook," he continued. "And they haven't gotten to the bottom of anything; they haven't held a single — really — a single person accountable."

Co-host Karyn Turk agreed.

"The more time that passes, the more time that ticks, the more it seems like another sinister crafty plot by the Democrats," she said. "What the answer is, I don't think we know. But hopefully, as we approach this red tsunami at the midterms and then later when Donald Trump takes back the White House, maybe we can fix this."

"Dismantle the FBI," Turk added.

Both anchors joined Real America's Voice after personal scandals. Henry was fired by Fox News amid a sexual misconduct probe and Turk was sentenced to one month in jail for stealing Social Security checks from her mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer's.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

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