WATCH: DC Jail abruptly terminates Jan. 6 rioter's Newsmax interview after he tells people to 'band together'
Newsmax/screen grab

The Washington, D.C. Jail abruptly terminated an interview between Newsmax and a man who is accused of hitting police with a baseball bat during the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Edward Jacob Lang told Newsmax that he was being subjected to "psychological warfare" during his time at the jail.

"No doubt, you're probably going to face some repercussions for even doing this interview," host Heather Childers observed. "Are you a little worried about that?"

"Fear does not live in the hearts of patriots," Lang replied. "And, you know, it's time for American people to band together and to stand behind the Constitution and to really support the January sixers because we were the frontline..."

As Lang spoke, an automated message announced that the call was "being terminated by the facility."

"Uh oh," Childers reacted. "Someone didn't like that conversation."

Lang is facing 13 counts related to the events of Jan. 6. A judge has previously ruled against pre-trial release for Lang.

Watch the video below from Newsmax.