WATCH: GOP lawmaker encourages supporters to 'cheat like the Democrats do' to win elections
Wisconsin state Rep. Elijah Behnke (Wisconsin General Assembly).

On Friday, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that a Republican member of the state assembly, Rep. Elijah Behnke, was caught on video telling a room of visitors to his Capitol office that they need to "cheat like the Democrats do" to win elections — and fantasized about assaulting Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.

"So I'm encouraging people, right, that have the passion and power to be here as the grassroots — let's cheat like the Democrats do," said Behnke. "This is how they bend the rules, right? Because we got the drop boxes probably thrown out, but that doesn't mean — because Zuckerberg spent all that money, got all the volunteers, which is a lie in itself, they're paid, to go collect them."

He then went into a rant about COVID-19 safety measures, saying, "I was so pissed off with Tony Evers, I was like praying to God, like, if I get to see him, I'm going to punch him." And he referred to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, as a "swamp creature."

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"The video was posted the same day that Vos and Republican leadership stripped Rep. Timothy Ramthun, R-Campbellsport, of a staff member for spreading a false claim that Vos had signed a deal with former Hillary Clinton lawyers to authorize ballot drop boxes," reported Alexander Shur. "Ramthun also has been an outspoken promoter of false claims about the 2020 election. The visitors in the video appear to be staunch supporters of former President Donald Trump's false election claims that the election was stolen. President Joe Biden won the election in Wisconsin by almost 21,000 votes."

Watch below: