Rick Wilson speculates Elise Stefanik leaked McCarthy recording -- and warns GOP leader to 'get a food taster'
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Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is feeling the heat after it was revealed that he wanted former President Donald Trump out after the January 6th MAGA riots.

According to recordings released to New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, McCarthy was pushing Donald Trump to resign, while also making it clear to the caucus that he opposed Trump's behavior.

McCarthy previously said reports about his comments were false -- until the authors released the tapes.

Speaking to Joy Reid on MSNBC Friday, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that from what he understands the anti-McCarthy attacks are secretly coming from Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

"There is no question, Joy. There are a half-a-dozen aspirants to the throne and all of them have had a closer relationship with Trump than McCarthy has had. Kevin is not of that world. Remember, in 2016, Kevin said 'Oh, I think [Vladimir] Putin pays Trump.' That divided those two men. They have never gotten better. They've always had some hostility between them and Trump never forgets a slight. You know, with the people that — the horse race right now in Washington — it was Jim Jordan for a while who looked like the one who would take down McCarthy. But today, the buzz in D.C. is all about Elise Stefanik, that she's the one who is behind some of this and she's putting the knife into this guy. She's extremely ambitious. She has a very close relationship to Trump. She's gone full MAGA in every way. So, I think if Kevin is thinking through his immediate future, telling major donors as he has been, that unless they keep him he can't block the Trump people.I think Kevin should get a food taster at this point."

Reid noted that Stefanik is just as much of a hypocrite about Trump as McCarthy has been.

"This is cut six from my producers: before she became a Trump cult leader she called him misogynistic. She called him soft on Putin. She called him to recognize that Russia attacked the 2016 election. She urged him to release his tax returns and she went after him," said Reid. "She is Kevin McCarthy! So, to stay with you for a minute, Rick, they're just exchanging — all of them are Kevin McCarthy! Mitch McConnell can't stand Donald Trump, you can tell! And, he literally said, I'm glad the Democrats are going to take him out. The problem I see here is spinelessness, cowardice, and this desperation for power at all costs. They're all clutching for the ring and, you know, they all think they're going to get it."

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Stefanik is the one stabbing McCarthy in the back youtu.be

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